Dropbox or Google Drive? Why not Dropbox AND Google Drive?

At the beginning I was wondering if I had to move from Dropbox to Google Drive or stay on Dropbox.

New Google Drive features are really appealing but moving everything is a little bit scary. As said in a comment on HN, what if Google closes your account, you loose now everything…

So why not using Dropbox AND Google Drive in the same time, on the same directory? This way, you have 2 backup versions on 2 different cloud systems, the best of the both world!

How to do that? It’s really easy.

I assume your Google Drive path is in C:\Users\me\Google Drive and the Dropbox directory in C:\Users\me\Dropbox.

Google Drive cannot sync symbolic link but Dropbox can, so the idea is to use the Google Drive as “master” directory and Dropbox will contains only a symlink to Google Drive.

  • Open a CMD
  • cd C:\Users\me\Dropbox
  • mklink /J "Google Drive" "..\Google Drive"

Now you just have to move all the files from C:\Users\me\Dropbox into C:\Users\me\Google Drive, Dropbox will see them though C:\Users\me\Dropbox\Google Drive.

I did it on Windows 7 but it should work the same way on Mac using ln command instead of mklink.

This way, all your files (even the Google Docs!) are sync in Google Drive AND in Dropbox.